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Spring 2012 Log Around the World ContestHoodie

Take your Laker Log on the road and you could win a cool Alumni Association Hoodie!!

Take your Laker Log with you as you vacation, get a photo of yourself with your
Log, and email it back to us.

We'll put your photo on our webpage we may even print your photo in an upcoming issue of the
Laker Log and you get your 15 minutes of fame. We’ll send a cool Laker hoodie to the submitter
who sends us a photo with his or her Laker Log in a location the farthest from Sault Ste. Marie.

And the winner is ...

Distance & Location
vietnam 8581.36 miles

Larry Farnquist '62
Mekong River Vietnam & Cambodia

india 7272.55 miles

Jeff Kala ‘99
Sonia Joseph Joshi ‘01

Taj Mahal in Agra, India


4220.65 miles

Kirsten Steinfeldt '96
Prague, Czech Republic

berlin 4100.42 miles

Stephanie (Kilgore) Heath ‘05
David Heath ‘06
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

costa rica

2625.89 miles

Tom Allan, Biology Faculty&
Tropical Ecology  class
Rio Claro,
Corcovado National Park Costa Rica

panama canal

2571.45 miles

David O’Gorman ‘04
Panama Canal

McKenzie, North Dakota

773.05 miles

Wendy Sak ‘98
McKenzie, North Dakota