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Laker Mini-Reunions

Have you recently met up with some other Laker Alumni?

If so send us the story and some photos and we will feature your reunion here on our Laker Mini-Reunions & facebook pages.

Are you planning a gathering of Laker Faithful? Email us the details and we can help you spread the word!

Recent Laker Mini-Reunions:

Aug. 18, 2015 - Dr. Moerke hosted a LSSU social in Portland, Oregon at Ex-Novo Brewing during the annual American Fisheries Society Conference.

American fisheries societyamerican fisheries society

alumni in portlandportland alumni social


Eldridge Reunion
Alumni in the photo at the T.C. Reunion from L to R:
Tim Kisner, Brandon Lokken , Thom Staudacher, Mark Mohr, Tony Koski, Mark McLane, Bob Eldridge, Dave Jokisch, Brett Zuver, Steve Hettinga, Ryan Mizner, Front Row: John Gilbert

June 7, 2014 - Several former and current members of the Laker Basketball family gathered at The Park Place in Traverse City to honor former Laker Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Eldridge. Coach Eldridge spent 8 years leading the Lakers and had a lasting impact on countless people involved in the program as well as many others on the LSSU Campus and in the community of Sault Ste. Marie. The event included golf in the morning, dinner and a social hour in the evening, and many retellings late into the night of favorite memories of Coach Eldridge and former teammates.  Coach Eldridge was joined by his wife, Pam, his daughter, Erin, and his son, Scott, with members of their families.

Alumni in the photo at the Denver gathering from left to right: Kelsey Andersen, Benjamin (Ben) Ramaker Alyssa Bancroft, Paul Kelso, Jeffery (Jeff) Ross,
Not pictured: Amanda Falk

LSSU Geology Professer Paul Kelso held a social while attending a Geology conference in Denver. The group had an oppornunity to discuss geology and all things LSSU.

JR Automation
Chris Romig, Scot Lindemann, Dennis Dodge, Drew Dewit, Dominick Flask, Jon Konieczny, Darren Stark, Tim Gallaway, Jim Devaprasad, Jason Schopp, David Finley, Mike Stumpo, Justin Darga, Ben Garvelink,
Jacob Darga
Missing from the photo is Rick Northrop, Cory Lynch, Seth Reenders and Mark Stumpo. 

Alumni employees at JR Automation gather for lunch and an impromptu LSSU alumni gathering was held at JR Automation in Holland, MI on October 25, 2013. LSSU Board of Trustee member and alumnus, Scot Lindeman, invited Professor Jim Devaprasad and College of Business and Engineering Dean David Finley to tour JR Automation's three facilities in the area and meet many of the alumni working there. Upon their arrival, 13 individuals gathered for a luncheon where they shared recollections of time spent studying (or not) at LSSU. The consensus was that the rigorous senior design projects, relationships developed with faculty and camaraderie with peer students set LSSU apart from other colleges and universities.

Six additional alumni, including two who work at Dane Systems-a sister company of JR Automation,are not pictured.

new york

Lssu current students, friends, faculty and alum meet up in NYC

Justin Graham sent along these photos of a group of Lakers that met up in New York City.

The photo next to the Laker bus was taken in the Theartre District/Time Square in the heart of New York City as the four and the other members of the LSSU Investment Club met up for lunch. After lunch we headed towards the Financial District to visit "Wall Street" the infamous "Bull" and Battery Park to view the Statue of Liberty. 

Ramsey Ave, Professor Root and I believe 13 other LSSU student investment club members traveled to NYC for the GAME Conference held in New York City.

Graham was traveling in New York City for the NYC Enactus Regional Competition as I serve as a Regional Program Manager for the Northeast Territory for Enactus United States. It just so happened that the dates overlapped and funny enough both events were at the same hotel; NYC Hilton on Avenue of the America's.

When Tracey Brower was a student at LSSU she was a very active participant in Enactus (formerly SIFE) as well as LSSU Investment Club. Tracey currently works in New York City as an Affiliate Manager for Fluent Inc. a Marketing Firm that focuses on online, mobile, and in-app platforms.
Ramsey Ave, Justin Graham, Tracey Brower, Professor Jerry Root
New York Stock exchange
Investment club visiting the New York Stock Exchange. 


I finally remembered to take our LL to our annual Alum getaway in February at Into the Woods Lodge in West Olive. MI.

This is an annual event that we all commit to so we can keep being friends...after all these years. We meet the last weekend in February each year at the Into the Woods Retreat and we shop, scrapbook, have spa services and just play catch up in general. This was the 1st year that Kari and Natasha have been able to join us.

Thanks for the page link, I didn't know it existed. I really read our LSSU and MTU Logs when they come in because sometimes it is the only way I find out about folks I know.


L to R Tracey Laitinen (Ordiway-2002 B.S. Biology), Sarah Tanis (Cole-B.S. Psych 2002), Michelle Boren (Owen-2002 B.S. Psych), Kari Stroschein-Perrine (2003-Bachelor of Fine Arts) and Natasha King (Wagner-2000 Office Admin).
'77 friends reunion


The trip to Las Vegas this past weekend was a huge success. The 2 1/2 years of Paul Iott and myself prodding to get 7 people dispersed across the US getting together was well worth it.

We spent the time sharing meals together, walking around the town, getting a little gambling in, took in the "Blue Man Group" show, watched the Super Bowl together and finished off with some fine Italian dining.

The attached picture was taken in one of our hotel rooms where we watched the Super Bowl.

We all became buddies while sharing a common dorm in the "Sophmore Village" at Lake Superior State College (now University (LSSC/LSSU)). With all of us living, studying and playing together until graduation.

The reuion was great although Jack Bolen and Rich Granquist were greatly missed.

Steve Lien

Bottom Row (l-r) Charlie Weber (Tulsa, OK), Ben Bolser (Atlanta, MI (the "Judge", just elected), Steve Lien (Springfield, MO), Mark Hales (Midland, TX (w/ Laker Log)

Back Row (l-r) Jim Bearman (Jackson, MI), Paul Iott (San Jose, CA) and Kim Kowalewsy (Milwaukee, WI).

Missing are Jack Bolen and Rich Granquist who have passed away
hockey Hi Susan,

I wanted to send a pic because I get so excited when there is another LSSU alumni in town! Here is a pic of me, Irene (Colson) Coons, BSN 1993 and Jennifer (Bobiwash) Conklin, 1996 together for her ladies ice hockey tournament here in Las Vegas. Her team is called Bad Kitty.

I organized a Delta Phi Epsilon Las Vegas alumni event to watch her play since she is a DPhiE women too. When we heard she was coming into town, we made it an event to go support her. Goes back to how those connections we make at LSSU are still beneficial 20 years later. Not sure if this pic can get put into the next Laker Log or not or even a LSSU alumni website? Jennifer gave me permission in writing for the photo to get sent to LSSU too.

conservation officers

23 Michigan Conservation Officers, all LSSU alumni, met up recently at Camp Grayling.

This photo of 23 Michigan Conservation Officers, all LSSU alumni, was taken by Dave Kenyon at the 2010 fall firearms training at Camp Grayling.


Front row: Scott Brown(1995 Conservation Law Enforcement), Marvin Gerlach(1985 Fish & Wildlife Mgmt), Gary Raak(1990 Conservation Law Enforcement), Todd Szyska(1995 Conservation Law Enforcement), Chris Simpson(1994 Conservation Law Enforcement), Peter Wright (1989 Conservation Law Enforcement), Mark Ennet(1984 Conservation Law Enforcement),

Second Row: Kevin Postema(2003 Criminal Justice), Kyle Bader(2007 NRT/Criminal Justice), Jay Person(1995 Conservation Law Enforcement), Kelly Ross(1991 Criminal Justice), Mark Papineau(2004 NRT/ Criminal Justice), Jair Kollach(Mechanical Engineering), Kelly Nightlinger(1996 CJ/Public Safety), Grant Emery(1995 Conservation Law Enforcement), Jon Wood(1996 Criminal Justice)

Third Row: Sean Kehoe(1991 Conservation Law Enforcement), Brian Lebel (1998 Fish & Wildlife Mgmt), Derek Miller(2006 Criminal Justice), Brian Brosky(1996 Conservation Law Enforcement), Joe Molnar(2002 Criminal Justice), Mike Wells(1993 Conservation Law Enforcement), Mike Hammill(2002 Criminal Justice), Not pictured: Jean (Zelenak) Davis