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Kelly Bruning '94, Boston Transplant to Northern Michigan Publishes Book 

“Misadventures and Fishing Tales”Highlighting Scenic Northern Michigan and Contributes to Multiple Sclerosis                                                        

KELLY BRUNING HEAD SHOT.jpg Kelly Bruning has been a transplant from a Boston suburb to northern Lower Michigan for twenty-two years now.  She has published a book that will make the reader chuckle with her true stories of outdoor adventures that usually underscores some type of mischief. Readers will also get a good feeling knowing that one dollar of each book’s proceeds go to fight Multiple Sclerosis.

Front Cover.bmp The book, titled “Misadventures and Fishing Tales,” is a collection of short stories, which promises a lot of laughs about outdoor misadventures. Interwoven in the tales are humor, mischief, and a few life lessons. Join the scene as the author describes the crisp morning air and the serenity of surrounding woodlands on an ice fishing outing. Picture Michigan’s mighty Mackinac Bridge as its twin white towers stand tall, welcoming visitors to the Upper Peninsula. Put yourself among the crowd of the local New England pub waiting to view the braggart’s trophy fish, which unfortunately was eaten by the neighborhood wild cats! Read about fishing withdrawals, the night crawler dance, and feel the suspense as you read to discover if the legend of “Yurtle-the-Turtle,” is indeed true. The author intertwines misadventure in the great outdoors with an appreciation for nature, putting readers in another scene while also leaving them with a laugh or two along the way.

Some areas mentioned in the book that readers may recognize are Harrisville Harbor, Lake Nettie located in the Rogers City area, Alpena, The Straits of Mackinac, Mackinac Bridge, Lake Huron, and LSSU.  It also mentions some local establishments such as Harrisville’s Captain’s Corner and Tackle Land.

The published book is available through,, and as well as select retail book and gift stores.  Area nature lovers, anglers, and anyone (men and women) that like a collection of short stories will find this book an enjoyable short read. Tourists to the northern Lower Michigan area will find this a memento of their experience of nature and solitude while visiting the area.
Dad and Kelly fish 083109 009.jpg
The author, pictured with a salmon catch from this year, has an appreciation of nature that is evident in her description of the Michigan outdoor scenes she brings to life in the book.  In addition, the author will donate one dollar from each book’s proceeds to fight Multiple Sclerosis.  “I wanted to share my appreciation for Michigan’s nature and a laugh with the reader (usually at my own expense) with a collection of short stories from the beautiful outdoors of Michigan along with a tale or two from my roots as a New Englander. I also wanted to give back to a social cause, that being Multiple Sclerosis, since my oldest sister has had the disease for some time.  If I can give back in some way and leave readers with a laugh or two by writing the book, I’ll be happy,” said the author.  Kelly Bruning may be contacted via e-mail: Misadventuresandfishingtales@yahoo