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Tom Waligora ‘03

Johnson Space Center campus in Houston Texas


Tom Waligora,' 03 Engineering Alumnus works on Lunar Rover Prototype

Tom Waligora ’03 of Houston, Texas is the Mobility Systems Electrical Engineering Lead for Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS), contracted to NASA's Robotics and Simulation division at the Johnson Space Center campus in Houston. Tom is involved with the design and construction of the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle, or MMSEV – commonly known as the Moon Rover. Tom brought his Laker Log along for a photo with the rover at the NASA Johnson Space CenterMars simulation area.

According to Tom "This is the ‘rover’. It technically goes by a few different names. The chassis (the wheeled robotic system) has always been refered to as the "Chariot". The vehicle has had different names LER (Lunar Electric Rover) SEV (Space Exploration Vehicle) and MMSEV (Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle). The current name being used is the MMSEV."

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Tom had an interesting explanation regarding his employment and job title "I still work for Oceaneering Space Systems (OSS) which is a subdivision under Oceaneering Internationals advanced technology division. I have been contracted to NASA's Robotics and Simulation division (I know it’s a bit convoluted). I have work at the JSC facility (in the robotics group) for the last 5 years. My title is "JSC-ER 4 Mobility Systems Electrical Engineering Lead". The "JSC-ER4" indicates that it is for the Johnson Space Centers engineering directorate."