Honorary Alumni

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony McLain

Dr. Anthony and Melissa McLain

Tony & Melissa McLain have been loyal and enthusiastic supporters of Lake Superior State University and the LSSU Alumni Association ever since their association with LSSU began. Throughout his Presidency at LSSU (2009-2014), Dr. McLain demonstrated commitment to the University, thoughtfulness, understanding and effective leadership. By his openness to new ideas and willingness to lead by example, Dr. McLain gained the respect of the campus community. Tony and Melissa have consistently made a concerted effort to attend LSSU Alumni events and programs whenever possible and have been enthusiastic supporters of all Laker Athletics. LSSU created the Tony Mclain Student Leadership Scholarship prompting the following thoughts reflecting his character as an educational leader: “After 40-some years, I have not repaid my debt (to public education). It changed my life. How do I repay it? It made all the difference in the world to me.”

They were presented with a certificate declaring them Honorary Lifetime Members of the LSSU Alumni Association by the Alumni Association Board of Directors on May 3, 2014.

Mark Jastorff

Mark Jastorff

Mark Jastorff was the first full time Director of Alumni Relations Lake State ever had. Hired in 1993, Mark made it his goal to build a comprehensive program that would meet the needs of LSSU alumni and Lake Superior State University. In his thirteen years at Lake State, Mark made excellent progress toward that goal. He began by revitalizing the dormant Alumni Association, creating an active board of 12 volunteers that eventually grew to 25. He created an Alumni Awards program that honors the best and brightest of LSSU Alumni each fall. These awards are a part of Great Lake State Weekend (another of Mark’s creations), an alumni and family weekend that brings hundreds of alumni, family and friends to campus each October. It has evolved from a simple hockey weekend to a week full of activities for all ages. Mark founded a student group called Student Alumni Involved for Lake State (SAILS), which evolved into a nationally recognized student ambassador program. Jastorff created the framework for an alumni recruiting team, a career advisory network and a legislative advocacy network.

During his tenure at LSSU Mark was given progressively more duties and responsibilities until he finally achieved the rank of Vice President of Student Life and Alumni Relations. Jastorff left Lake State in December 2005 to accept a position with the University of Northern Iowa. Mark was made an official honorary lifetime member of the Alumni Association by vote of the LSSU Alumni Association Board of Directors in their March 11, 2006 meeting. He was presented with a plaque commemorating this designation during a July 2006 visit to Sault Ste. Marie.

Dr. Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle.

Dr. Robert and Lorraine Arbuckle

The designation followed his retirement in 2002. Dr. Arbuckle is credited with the initiative that re-established the alumni relations program at Lake State. It was under his leadership that the University created the first full-time alumni director in school history. Lorraine, as first lady, was very supportive of the alumni program throughout their tenure at LSSU.

Dr. Harry Pike

Dr. Harry Pike

Dr. Harry Pike started his career at LSSC as Dean of Students in July 1969 and served in various administrative capacities, retiring as vice president for Student Services in April 1997.

The designation was made in honor of his 28-year long career during which he exhibited outstanding leadership and dedication to the life of the University.