Free Swag for Teachers

Are you a teacher or staff at a school?

LSSU Flag SwagIf your answer is YES, LSSU would like to offer you FREE flags and pencils to display your Laker Pride! We hope this will open a dialogue between you and your students, and encourage them to consider LSSU for higher education.

These flags are 24” x 36” and we ask that they be displayed either in your classroom, office or other public area of your school building. After installing your flag, email a selfie or photo to [email protected] for us to use on social media and our website.

LSSU Pencils SwagThese pencils are Laker Blue and Gold and can be distributed to your students or given as rewards. Our main goal is to assist you in displaying your Laker pride and encourage your students to consider LSSU.

Thank you for sharing your Laker pride and don’t forget to email [email protected] with your school name and address so we can send out your Laker Swag in the mail!