80k alumni gift graphic

Yes, that’s correct…

recruiting a high school student for Lake State is just like making an $80,000 donation.

How it works:

Tuition, fees, plus room and board generates approximately $20,000 a year for Lake State. Multiply that by four years and your gift equals $80,000!

How you can make it happen

  • Contact Alumni Director  – Susan Fitzpatrick
  • Identify a potential LSSU Freshman
  • Participate in an online training session
  • Design an individual strategy for assisting that student
  • Communicate your plan with LSSU Admissions
  • Be upbeat and optimistic to inspire other alumni
  • Take pride in helping a new Laker on their journey at LSSU

Laker alumni love their Alma Mater.
This is the perfect way to show it!

The Alumni office has been working with the LSSU Admissions to develop ways that alumni can become directly involved and truly have an impact. Check out the options below and please consider if they fit your personality and schedule:

Admitted Student Reception (ASR) Locations

The Admissions office organizes receptions all around the state of Michigan  to meet and greet students who have been admitted to LSSU but have not yet committed to attend. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about LSSU, obtain information about financial aid and interact with faculty and staff. One large impediment to hosting ASRs is the cost involved. Frequently the Admissions office must rent a conference room in a hotel or conference center. These rooms tend to be both expensive and sterile. Do you have access to space that could be used for an ASR? A conference or meeting room would work, but even better, if you are a member of a club or lounge with a warm, comfortable, atmosphere, that would be perfect!

Congrats Coffee or Ice Cream

Alumni volunteering for this would receive a list of admitted students who live in the same geographic area (alumni can define the radius with which they are comfortable); contact each student individually and invite them out for coffee or ice cream and a short conversation about LSSU. Again, respond to questions from students and tell them about your own experiences. This could happen any time during the year, and summer would be ideal.

Education Connection

Do you work in a high school? Whether you are a teacher, administrator or support staff person, if you have connections in any high school, you can be a valuable conduit for the Admissions office. You an open the door for an Admissions representative to individual classrooms to speak about college access, college readiness, completing the FAFSA and financial aid options. Admissions representatives would provide information about LSSU as well, but the main thrust of the presentation would be preparing for college in general. This effort is most effective one class at a time, rather than larger groups in an assembly.

Networking on campus

This is an opportunity for recent grads – age 30 and younger. We would like to host networking opportunities for prospective students and alumni during Fall Fling and during Great Lake State Weekend. Fall Fling would be a panel discussion, probably a one hour commitment. GLSW would be a less formal give-and-take session. Again, a great opportunity for prospective students to learn more about LSSU from alumni who have been there, done that… not too long ago!

Wear your Laker gear

Show your Laker pride! Wear your LSSU hoodie, t-shirt, ball cap or lapel pin and be prepared to brag up your alma mater when people comment on it. Get our LSSU name and colors out there. Join our Laker Fridays efforts – every Friday, year round, we encourage Laker fans to wear Laker gear and post photos using #LakerFriday. Weekly winners receive Laker swag. Everyone can do this! Don’t have any Laker attire? Shop Barnes & Noble at LSSU for Laker attire and souvenirs or email [email protected] and request an LSSU Alumni lapel pin. We’ll mail you one for free!

If you are interested in any of these new programs, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 906-635-2831.